Online Billing Software

OBL is an invoicing solution that will save you time, help you get paid faster and make collecting your receivables easy. Using OBL you can quickly create, print and pay professionally designed invoices. You can send your invoices by email, or print them and send them in the mail.

In addition, Our Online Billing System (or OBL) is designed to be a seamless add-on to your web site. The OBL provides an online client or member area where your clients can respond to proposals, invoices and other features, participate in message boards, change their contact info, and more.

Brief on OBL

Admin features:


View, update, edit, and delete active accounts, due accounts, Inactive accounts, and pending accounts. Add new accounts, overview accounts' totals and subscriptions' totals. For each account, view purchase reports, total invoices, and total amounts for current and the previous year, view details and pay or delete due invoices, view details and mark not paid or delete invoices, add or delete credit/debit for account and send e-mail to the client.

Admin: Change password, change number of records per page, update database, setup fee charge for subscription.

Billing: Lists number of due subscriptions, due reminder notices to be sent, and past due invoices (if crown tab is not set). Then click on the link, which will run auto billing engine manually to generate and send due reminder notice 2 - 26 days before date due. For due subscriptions, it generates new invoices and posts to due accounts, then e-mails a copy to client and admin. (If you have crown job setup you do not need to run auto billing manually, depending on setup time, auto billing engine will run by crown job.

Client features:

Activities: Will tabulate all due or paid invoices in rows. Click on any listed item to display the actual invoice with details.
Change password: Allows clients to change their password.
Log in: Allows clients to login with their user name and password or retrieve password.
New order: Allows clients to place a new order.
Print invoice: Allows clients to print any selected invoice.
Profile: Allows clients to view or update their personal file
Report: Clients can view total purchases for current and previous year.
Subscriptions: Allows clients to view their repeated charges.
Request update or cancellation: Enable clients to submit update or cancellation request for subscriptions .
News and FAQ: Allows clients to view news letters and FAQ list.
Price List: Allows clients to view product list, charges and discount rates for all products.
Support System: Allows clients to view their existing support tickets or submit new one.
Pay Bills: If payment option is selected and setup by admin, allows clients to pay for new purchases and due bills by selected payment option.
Pay Pal Recurring Payment Setup: Allow clients to setup recurring payment for new and existing subscriptions. (optional)
Bilingual interface: Enables client to browse my account, order, and support in any two languages. You need to translate language files (optimal).
Systems Requirements: 128 kbps or higher internet connection Most of this stuff is installed by default on our hosting distribution.

Additional Benefits

Ease of Use

OBL users do not need to know the computing so much or be a programmer in order to use OBL. Also, the OBL software is nothing to install. There are no complex commands to learn and no technical information to know. As soon as OBL is ready, both administrators and clients are ready to manage the system. OBL provides great flexibility to the user, enabling him/her to remotely access and administer servers at anytime. The default settings provided for opening accounts and domains can be changed with the click of a button.


OBL uses extensive security measures to assure your organization of the highest possible integrity and protection. It should be noted however that this is limited to OBL System and the software it installs. The security of the operating system is considered the responsibility of the system administrator and is not part of the OBL System. Further, it deals nothing with the computer which you use. OBL uses the secure HTTP (or HTTPS) protocol. All data and communications between users and the system are fully encrypted and secure. OBL can provides a self-signed secure socket layer (SSL) certificate that enables secure transactions between a remote user and OBL.

However, this certificate is not from an "official" authority and will not be recognized by the web browser as being valid for the login URL, which results in warning messages. If you wish to use an authentic SSL certificate you can.Certificates can be purchased directly through the OBL administration or by contacting a certificate-signing authority directly. When registering a client, you are upload a picture for his/her profile. It is possible to view or update that picture above from members panel. There is a possibility of entering different details for A client (which is added into system ) to ensure that member came from an agent or existing customer. OBL provides additional security measures, allowing the administrator to restrict system access to specific user at any time.